Reindeer Cookies and Truffles

Great for a last minute gift or for a quick party idea, these cute reindeers are super easy and fun. I came up with these in order to bring a little Christmas to my homemade cookie trays. I hope you endy. Please commet below, I would love to hear from you!

Oreo Reindeer


Lindent Truffle Reindeer

Holiday Chocolate Bark


I love working with chocolate!!!  It is super easy and tasty. I am a holiday baker and I don’t mean just Christmas, I am any holiday…. Working with chocolate allows me spice up the holiday baking a bit.

In the video listed below, I show how to make Christmas bark. Bark is not limited to just Christmas. It makes a wonderful gift anytime of the year. The best part is that it is super easy.


Tips and Tricks for working with candy melts

Water is not our Friend:

When working with chocolate the most importing thing to remember is that water, humidity, and over heating mean instant death for chocolate. Once water toruches the stuff, it seizes and gets a bitter flavor.

Adding Flavor:

Adding flavor to your bark is a great way to add verity to the candy and I highly recommend it !!  DO NOT USE EXTRACT!! I really cannot stress this enough. You will end up with a pot full of a sluggy mess. In order to flavor chocolate, you must use candy oils. These olis come in a wide rage of floavors and are normally found for under $5.00 for a dram. The drams are small, but 2 -3 drops of oil will flavor an entire bag of candy melts.

Candy Melts Missing Flavor:

Before you start pouring your chocolate make sure to taste the melted chocolate. The candy melts can appear to be in good condition and melt just fine, but sometimes if they sit too long, the flavor of the candy melt is lost. Or let’s be honest, some candy melts are a bit laking. If you tast your melts and they seem a bit off, don’t worry you can bring it back to life. I recommend adding a bit of bardoux or French vanilla oil to the candy to bring the flavor back.

Melted Candy is too Thick:

If the your candy melts are a bit on the thick side, you can add a bit of vegetable oil to thin out the mixture a bit. Don’t add more then a dime size about at a time.  If  you add too much oil, there is not returning.


Toppings are a wonderful way to add a bit of flair to any candy or bark. You can use cookies, other candies, nuts, peanut butter, jelly, popcorn, pretzels, even a little sea salt. The possibilities are endless.


In order to begin working with the candy melts, you must melt it. I use a candy melting pot becaue you can adjust the setting to either melt or keep warm.  You don’t have to spend money on another kitchen device, A few other options are microwave, double bolier, or if you have a crockpot, you can place a ceramic bowl into you Crock Pot with the setting on low to medium (if using the Crock Pot method, you will need to make sure to adjust the temp to make sure you don’t over heat).



Easy Christmas Candy

Easy Christmas and Snow man candy

This is a fun easy way to use candy and give it a holiday twist. These easy holiday treats are easy enough that the kids can do it. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to share and comment below.

All you need is some Tootsie Roll or Starburst type candy and some sprinkles (round work best, but whatever you have should work).  Roll them up and shape them like I do in the video and add your sprinkles.  I’m sure this technique will work for other characters, as well, so if you come up with something cute, please let us know about it!

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