New Uses for Craft Supplies #1

Just thought I would post a quick project to make life a little easier today.

Any crafty person probably has Velcro lying around from previous projects.  And if you’re like me, you also have a tendency to read Kindle, play a game on your tablet, or browse the web in bed.

This, as you probably already know, is not the best situation for your tablet, as being left in bed after I fall asleep can lead to twisted cords, falls, or potential screen damage.

Well, remember that Velcro?  By adding just a few of the round Velcro “dots” to the back of my tablet, and a few strips of the usual roll kind to the wall, I was able to make a pretty handy tablet holder!  I can now read until I’m tired and then just stick the tablet to the wall and roll over!  Just make sure you have adhesive back Velcro and put the softer loop side on the tablet and the hook side on the wall so it doesn’t scratch you up when holding the tablet.

Also, as in the diagram below, make sure your Velcro dots (white) are positioned so they do not interfere with the speaker and camera locations typically found on these devices, and space your strips on the wall the same distance as the dots on the tablet.


Just 4 dots hold my 8″ Samsung tablet just fine, and it’s also handy for remote controls or any other device that you don’t want sleeping in bed with you!

Milkweed Seed Balls Tutorial

I have many passions in life. Crafts, gardening, my pets, and trying new things are on the top of my list. Today I wanted to share a lovely tutorial that my better half put together.  In his tutorial he is showing you how to make Milkweed seed balls.  Why are Milkweed seed balls important? Milkweed is the only host plant for the beautiful Monarch Butterfly. The process of urbanization has led to the destruction of the Milkweed fields and thus, has resulted in a decline of the Monarch Butterfly. The decline of the Monarchs is so severe that in some areas they are thinking of adding the butterfly to the endangered species list.  Even places that are a common ground for the Monarch migration have noticed a decline.

Making seed balls for your seeds is a good way to ensure a larger success rate of the seeds you plant. The reason being is that the seeds do not start to germinate until the conditions are right.  The seed balls serve has an additional protection barrier for animals and insects that may generally disturb a freshly planted garden.  In my area, we have several raccoons that LOVE freshly turned dirt. I have tried many measures to try to  keep them out when I have to replant my garden. The seed balls offer a nice compromise between me and the raccoons.  I get to plant my garden. They get to dig it up looking for grubs,  and the seeds, although moved from where I placed them, are pushed out of the way and allowed to grow on their own time.

It only took about two years after planting my butterfly garden to see naturally occurring Monarchs in my front yard.  They stumbled across the plants all on their own! They have since started laying eggs on my plants, and  I have even started seeing chrysalises on my fence.

you will need the following items:

  • Milkweed seed (seeds can be purchased online and I do sell small packs on my Etsy store  @
  • air dry clay, red clay, or red clay powder
  • potting soil
  • a mixing bowl
  • water.

Diamond Glaze product review

I stumbled onto Diamond Glaze while searching through Amazon suggested items.  After reading some of the claims the product made, I decided to give the small bottle a try for about $8.00 for 2oz. I figured over the years I have spent more on gimmicky crafty items that didn’t work.  Thanks to the blessing that is Prime shipping, I had my bottle in about two days.

I received my little bottle and started crafting. I have waited a while to write my review because I wanted to have  some time to play with the glaze. With that being said, let me tell you that I LOVE this product!! I have used it as a mixing agent with pigment powders, an adhesive for UV Gel pendant backing,  doming protective covering for pieces, setting PMC metal bails,  and setting semi-precious stones. Diamond Glaze is truly amazing! It dries crystal clear, and is quite durable. The best part is that I am still on my 2oz bottle that I purchased a little over a year ago.  This stuff is so much fun and lasts a really long time. I think every crafter should have Diamond Glaze in their arsenal.

I have posted a video below of just some of the few things that I have done with the Diamond Glaze.