Epoxy Clay – New use for Quick Steel

Epoxy Disco Ball Jewelry
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What you’ll need:
  • Quick Steel Epoxy clay ($6.00)
  • Diamond Glaze ($8.00)
  • Mixing cup
  • Swarovski Crystals with flat backs (In the video listed below I offer Cheeky’s nail art rhinestones as a alternative crystal)
  • Head pin ( a pack for less then $1.00)
  • Wire cutters or jewelry nippers
  • Pigment powder ( I used LuminArte Pewter)
  • Small paint brush
  • tweezers



  1. Break off a quarter sized piece of Quick Steel and start to mix it together. You will want a to mix the epoxy until the color and texture is uniform. If you need further detail on the uniform texture and color, please see my Spring pendant post. I cover this in detail.



It will smell at first. The smell will go away within 24-48 hrs.

2.    Once mixed, roll the clay into a ball. You want to get it as round as you can.


3.    Stick you head pin into the center of the ball. This may cause the piece to become lopsided.    Just use you figures to gently press the round shape back into it.


4.    Using the back of your paintbrush, start to place divots onto the piece, until the piece is covered. You will want it to resemble a golf ball.


5.   In your mixing cup, place a nickel sized portion of pigment powder and a quarter sized drop of Diamond glaze. Mix until the color becomes uniform. Using your brush, paint the colored glaze on to your piece.


6.    (Note you may need to play with the glaze and pigment mixture until you get a smooth mixture. Adding more glaze to the mix will not hurt it. If it becomes too thin, just add more pigment. 

7.    Let the piece dry. this may take 20 -30 minutes depending on weather. 
(Note: I used a dixy cup turned upside-down. I poked a hole in it to allow the head pin to support the weight of the piece while it dried. 

8.   Using leftover mixture, dab using the back of your paintbrush onto the piece (you are aiming for the divots). Next attach a crystal to this area.  Repeat until it is covered. If your mix is dry, you can use just regular diamond glaze to attach the crystals.  Once you have 3 or 4 crystals on, you may want to switch to using the tweezers 



9.   Once your piece is covered, let it dry for 15-20 min. Then take plain Diamond Glaze and paint a coat over the stones. this will serve as an additional protective layer.  Let dry 10-15 min.


10.  Cut down your head pin into the desired length and fold over the ends to form a bail. Place onto a chain and enjoy.


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